About Us

We Care About You…

Rao Nursing Home is driven by the vision of becoming a leader in integrated healthcare delivery space with larger purpose of saving & enriching lives through clinical excellence. It will be our endeavor to translate this vision into reality backed by latest technology & completely dedicated professional team. Today we have 123 in patients bed which includes 16 beded icu, 5 beded step down icu with 4 state of the art operation theater and diagnostic services with dedicated full time consultants and wide range of panel consultants along with excellent paramedical staff.



We safeguard the dignity and privacy of patients by protecting their individuality at all times.


Rights of patients are respected at all time.


RNH deliver services with honesty and with holistic approach thus building trust with all patient and visitors.


RNH provides services with medical excellence.


RNH maintains transparency in patient care services.

Vision And Mission

We are serving more than 20 years for achieving the best of patient’s satisfaction…


"Quality health care services affordable and accessible to one and all."


Rao Nursing Home operates like a family with a strong sense of belonging in all classes of its employees, together aim to deliver Quality health care.
An early detection of any type of disease makes the treatment affordable as well as less complicated in its administration.
Continually upgrade knowledge and technology in patient care.


With changing times, medical treatment has also considerably advanced for prolonging life and expectancy.

Total medical treatment, offering all medical services under one roof has become the need of hour. At Rao Nursing Home, we felt this need for all patient’s time & again, hence we have upgraded from a small clinic started in 1994 to a 35 bedded hospital in 1998 & now to this MULTISPECIALITY HEALTH CARE CENTRE.

At RNH, we will continuously strive to improve the lives of the present and future generations through responsible application of medical technology in an environment of understanding and care. Our endeavor is to achieve utmost satisfaction of our patients by delivering compassionate, affordable quality services on a sustainable basis. Our focus is on continuous improved patient care, aligning ourselves with technological advances in medical field.

We are committed to abide by ethical codes of practices and are responsive to the safety, welfare and needs of all our patients and visitors. The rich and poor come here for quality care, for no one here is turned away for lack of funds. We believe that no patient should be deprived of the best healthcare solely because they cannot afford it. Caring with Compassion to all patients with super-specialities is the message we would like to spread to our society. We take this opportunity to thank all our patients who over last few years have shown profound faith in us and it will be our endeavor to translate our vision into reality.

Dr. N. P. RAO

Rao Nursing Home, Pune.


The logo reflects our commitment of achieving excellence in healthcare delivery by bringing together Quality Affordability and Accessibility depicted by the three leaves.

Cross symbolized Hope, Health , Healing and Life which represents the human form with its four cardinal points. Orange symbolizes energy, vitality, warmth, and good health. Green is the color of health and well-being and symbolizes the master healer.

Long Term Goals

Dr. N. P. Rao is visionary in his lifetime.

It will be our endeavor to translate his vision into reality - of a modern, vibrant hospital group that is the last word in holistic treatment backed by the latest technology and a completely professional team.

It will be our endeavor to develop a chain of multi specialty hospitals, with the latest in treatment, training and holistic medicine.

Short Term Goals

To incorporate at the earliest the scope of services not provided in RNH as per needs of the community, market surveys and feedbacks obtained.

To encourage clinical research activities for better Quality Improvement Programmes.

To establish RNH as a teaching Institute for Medical and Paramedical students.

Covid-19 Vaccination Is Available At Rao Nursing Home Time 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm