Young and Vibrant infection control team of RNH headed by Dr. N. Gita.

RNH has a robust infection control program which strongly believes that control and prevention of infection in our patients and the staff who care for them, is an absolute moral commitment and responsibility of the hospital.

The Infection Control program covers policies on hand hygiene, occupational health, isolation protocols, infectious diseases notification, clinical sample collection, environmental surveillance activities, antibiotic stewardship and infection prevention in clinical and visitor areas. The program focuses on prevention of nosocomial infections especially ventilator associated infection, surgical site infections, catheter associated urinary tract infection and Intravascular device related infections and also on control of communicable diseases by policies on patient care related activities.

The policies and guidelines laid down are evidence based on current scientific knowledge and recommendations from National and International societies and organizations.


Some guidelines laid down for visitors to assist the hospital to prevent and control the spread of infections are: